Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Hey there Kats and Kittens,
Good news abounds at the Honeycat lounge! So, did you guys see Honeycat in the January issue of ESSENCE magazine? (On sale now by the way). They did a super fabulous write up, check it out. So, Everyone ready for the holidays? We are. Did I tell you about our pink christmas tree? Too cute. I have to upload a pic. for you to see. I know that the holidays can be hectic, truly expensive, and don't even talk about the recession dragon that is breathing fire down on all of us but, as my mom used to say, "When the dragon is at the castle door, you can either stand there, and get burned to a crisp, or you can pick up your sword and fight. You guys already know that Honeycat products are very recession know what I say to that dragon? BRING IT BUDDY!!!
Oops! sorry about that, I get a little over excited sometimes.

So, are you ready for an absolute yum fest.? You simply must check out our latest creation,
" CALYPSO KITTY", tropical salt scrub. Mango, pineapple, and papaya...oh my! This stuff is loaded with skin softening ingredients like, rice bran oil, ( a natural anti-oxidant, super moisturizer, and sooo good for your skin.), carrot oil, ( rich in vitamin A and E, and helps heal dry skin, and balance moisture), and real coconut for extra, gentle exfoliation without the scratchies. Your skin will be positively purring. Every day will feel like a day in the tropics! Only $20 for a huge jar...ok, so maybe not HUGE but, a large 16 ounce jar.

Since the holiday's are a time for gift giving, Honeycat is offering a pretty nifty promotion,
buy a gift for someone, and receive a free, 8 ounce bottle of our coconut/rum bubble bath..girl, you never saw so many bubbles! You know what would be cool? Give your free gift to someone that you are not particularly fond of, you know, someone that gets on your nerves. I promise, it will warm your heart. Let's see, what else? Oh, Valentines Day is like a major holiday over here, and we have some fabulous goodies coming your way. Honeycat knows that not every gal has a special someone so, we will have all sorts of, "All The Single Ladies" Valentines Day products, gifts, and surprises...stay tuned.

Ok, gotta run ladies. I'm off to get my legs waxed, goodness knows I need it...girl my legs look like Big Foot...I know, too much information. Listen, keep in touch ok?


(kiss, kiss)


  1. Hey Ms. Honey cat!

    I am Sylvia Winston of Atlanta, Ga. Thanks to this month's issue of Essence, I have learned about your fabulous products! I cant wait to try everything! I have gone thru the site and wrote down everything I am gonna try! Christmas has me broke as a joke but come January, I will begin my shoppin spree! Being a professional cosmetologist and a cosmeetic fanatic, Iam so proud of what you are doing!!! You go girl!!!

  2. Hey Kitty,

    I saw your write up in Essence and couldn't wait to check out your website. I love bath and body products so I tried the Peach Brandy Shower Gel, the Rub My Tummy Body Cream and the Paw Batter. I must say, I'm very impressed with the quality of the product and I love the packaging. I hope you create new scents soon, so I can try them out as well. Keep up the good work!

  3. I'm already in love with your site and the fact that your products are so natural. The kitty look is so girly and yet so glam and sophisticated. I'm so excited to get my Sweet Potato Pie Bubble Stuff!! Wanna get some Hiss Good Night too. Keep up the good work you'll see alot more of me!!

  4. hey terry! ill definitely pick up that magazine and read it =] I can't wait to read more about your products AND try them! they look amazing and fun =D

    xoxo, Lily